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How It Works



1. Select your t-shirt size. We treat it in a soda ash bath for 5-15 minutes to catalyze a binding between the dyes and the fibers. While your garment is soaking, you can select your colors.



2. Use our freshly made dyes to design your shirt(s): follow design patterns we have or create your own.



 3. Bring home your garment(s) same day in our recycled plastic bags and let the dye set for 24 hours. Following the downloadable instructions found bellow to prepare garment before using/waring and maintain colors.

Sport your masterpiece!

Home care


  • 1. Keep your garments in its plastic bag for 12-24 hours after dying. The longer you wait, the brighter the dyes will be. 
  • 2. Remove the piece of clothing from the bag. Leaving ties on, rinse under cold running water (faucet, hose, or shower). Next rinse in warm water while you untie the folds. Douse the article in cold water.  Repeat this cold-hot water treatment about 5 times, or until water runs fairly clear.
  • 3. Throw in your washing machine as soon as it is rinsed, running it through a cold full cycle.For first washing don't wash with other clothing that you care if staining occurs.  
  • 4. Show us your results on Instagram & Facebook!
  • Vibrant, biodegradable high quality dyes stock our shelves. You are going to love your new tie dyes!